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Self Defense Seminars
Community Groups
Self defense is a combination of confidence, awareness, and physical skills.  
Our seminars provide these basic foundations of self defense.  We have taught
self defense seminars for a variety of community groups and can cater a
seminar to the interests of your particular group.  The length of the seminars
typically range from 2 to 3 hours and we recommend group sizes between 6
and 20 participants.  
We have taught seminars for women's organizations,
student groups, and at a variety of Meadville community wellness events.

The material in our self defense seminars includes practical applications for
breaking away and defending against an attacker, adapting techniques from our
martial arts of Tang Soo Do and Combat Hapkido.  Our self defense seminars
involve active participation and practice of techniques, not merely lectures about
self defense.  

Contact us to learn more and to schedule a self defense seminar for your group.