American Black Belt Academy
357 North St., Meadville, PA 16335        814-573-9692
American Black Belt Academy
Erica's promotion to yellow belt -
passing on of knowledgeMr.
Guthrie ties belt to symbolize
yellow belt promotion
martial art wellness benefits
A few of our Tang Soo Do
'karate' kids
One of the 18 yellow belt
promotions of Allegheny
College students in March 2010
jump back kick
black belt jump kick
black belt test
black belt promotion Meadville
Stuart's jump side kick
Nathan's jump turning back kick
The amazing flying Mr. Sternby!
Community wellness fair - learning
the health benefits of the martial arts
Black belt test December 2009 -
...and they passed.
flying side kick
Martial Arts in Meadville, PA
Testing group of April 2011.  
We are proud that everyone
earned their new belt levels.
January 2011 - some of our new students with school owner Mr.
John Guthrie (front center), certified instructors Mr. Vic Sternby
(front left) and Mr. Ron Cole (front right) and senior Gup
instructor Mr. Ian Binnington (back center)
January 2011
Test Group April 2011