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Video demonstration of
Combat Hapkido techniques
by Grandmaster Pellegrini
and Master Rivas
Combat Hapkido
Adult Self Defense
Combat Hapkido includes a variety of joint locks, pressure points, break-aways,
simple strikes and kicks, grappling, and disarming techniques.  There are no
true ‘stances’ and kicks are generally low, targeting an opponents legs, groin,
and mid-section.

Combat Hapkido classes require physical contact between students and these
classes are open for ages 16 and above.  At younger ages there is too much
risk of injuring joints and growth plates.

The Combat Hapkido system includes progression through belt ranks and the
International Combat Hapkido Federation issues certifications to students that
are recognized worldwide.

Visit us to learn more about our classes.  For more information about Combat
Hapkido and the extraordinary accomplishments of Grandmaster Pellegrini visit
the website of
Defensive Services International.
American Black Belt Academy
We offer Combat Hapkido as adult self defense classes
with the curriculum of the International Combat Hapkido
Federation, founded by Grandmaster Pellegrini in 1992.  
Grandmaster Pellegrini developed Combat Hapkido as a
practical style of martial art, focusing on self defense
Martial Arts in Meadville, PA